Main Goal: Muscle Growth: Anapolan Max 50 TM is your go-to recommendation for muscle growth. This potent formula is meant to complement your daily muscle enhancement products. It’s one of the strongest and most advanced formulas available, making it ideal for advanced bodybuilders or anyone seeking rapid muscle mass gains within a 45-60-day period. Whether taken as a stack with other products or as an addition to your HGH regimen, Anapolan Max 50 TM is your key to achieving remarkable muscle growth. Each bottle contains 30 tablets (a 30-day supply), with a recommended dosage of 1 tablet daily with food.

Key Benefits of Anapolan Max 50:

  1. Muscle Growth: Achieve substantial muscle growth like never before.
  2. Stackable: This can be seamlessly integrated into your daily muscle enhancement routine.
  3. Advanced Formula: One of the market’s strongest and most advanced muscle enhancement formulas.
  4. Rapid Muscle Gains: Gain 15 or more pounds of muscle mass in just a 45-60 day period (results may vary).
  5. HGH Production Increase: Experience an increase in HGH production for enhanced muscle development.
  6. Increased Testosterone: Elevate your testosterone levels to support muscle growth.

One of the Most Potent Muscle Enhancement Products on the Market:

What is Anapolan Max 50 Used For?

Anapolan Max 50 is designed for:

  • Lean Muscle Gain: Achieve lean, sculpted muscle growth.
  • Anabolic Muscle Gaining: Promote anabolic muscle development.
  • Large Rapid Muscle Gains: Experience significant and rapid muscle gains.
  • HGH Production Increase: Elevate HGH production for enhanced muscle development.
  • Increased Testosterone: Boost testosterone levels to support muscle growth.

Note: Results may vary, but we’ve received positive feedback from customers reporting rapid muscle gains of 15 pounds or more within a 60-day period.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All products are intended for adults over the age of 18 and are not to be used by children under the age of 18. Clinical studies supporting these claims are not available. Individual results will vary. Do not exceed the daily dose recommended on the label. Please consult with your primary care physician before purchasing or starting the use of any supplement.

Note: When marketing health and fitness products, it’s crucial to comply with regulatory guidelines and laws, ensuring transparency and adherence to legal requirements.

How To Use

Serving Size: 1 capsule per day

Per Bottle: 30 capsules per bottle

How To Use: Take 1 pill daily with food. You may up your dose if you so choose, do not exceed more than 3 pills per day.

How Long: 2 months minimum

Workout Period: 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off

Recommendations: Always combine with suitable diet and exercise programme.



Based on 43 reviews

43 reviews for Anapolan Max 50

  1. Ethan

    This is a great product. Been taking for 2 months. I just started working out and have gained a lot of muscle.

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  2. Jayson

    Great product!

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  3. frodo

    this is Simulated to anapolon50 turkish steroid. it is the best oral steroid ever

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  4. Great

    This is a great product. I started taking it back in March and do 3 months on and 2 months off.

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  5. Sil2510

    this is a great steroid pill

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  6. Ben

    Are all these products steriods or are they just like steriods

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  7. Ster

    I’m not sure if they’re considered steroids, but they act liek them because I definitely gained a lot of mass and toned up on products from this site.

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  8. Pat

    Ordered this product more than a month ago and still have heard nothing as to its where abouts. Want the product or a full refund. Your company is pathetic

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  9. tom

    are there any side effects?

    Is it helpful?
  10. Support

    Hi Tom, there are no known side effects to this or any of our products. However, everyone is different. If you experience anything, we offer a full refund on all products.
    Regards, support

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  11. steve

    i bought some from this site would it post to western australia ok or would it get stopped at the post office

    Is it helpful?
  12. mike

    I was wondering if the product would arrive in austraila or more importantly to the northern territory…
    Also hearing of 4 pound gains in a month or so is not really that great. Is there more information on stacks for a bit more gain. I was also wondering are the gains sustainable after finishing with the product.

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  13. James

    Could you take this when your 18 because i like the size of it and want to add size on for when i go back to rugby ?

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  14. Support

    Yes, this should get thru customs just fine… You can guarantee it with a buysafe bond at checkout or just rest assured if there’s an issue, we either reship again or refund…

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  15. Support

    Yes, 18 years and older is OK…

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  16. peter Brady

    Do i need a pct when stopping this product and how long do i take it 4

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  17. peter Brady

    Wat gains do i expect to get in a 5 week peroid what meals and training needs 2 be done do i need a pct

    Is it helpful?
  18. Juseph

    thank you for this product i received in UK yesterday. Cannot find it anywhere else!

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  19. Wayne Hall

    When is the best time to take anapolan max 50, before you work out or after.

    Is it helpful?
  20. Support

    @Wayne – We recommend twice per day, once in the AM and Once in the PM… It would also work better to take at least 1 hour before workout…

    @Peter – The gains are different for everyone. But this is a very strong muscle gainer and you should expect good results.


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  21. musclecrazed

    i was reading about this anapolan max 50 on a web site, it says that this is a form of anadrol, and that it is very toxic to your liver and that if you use it for a very long time you get bitch tits. compared to what you see in this ad about anapolan max 50, i was looking for something to get me lean and that hard look, but as i was reading about the androl family, it seems more of a risk to take than a benefit. before i tried this i was on NO2 BLACK, CODE RED, AND HEAT SHOCK PROTEINS. i felt freakin awesome. i thought this was gonna elevate my body to another level, but it isnt worth all those cons. and for this price, yikes.

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  22. Mohamed

    i’ve just received the order and wondering about how can i use them togather (Somatropin + Anapolan 50) ?


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  23. rlg

    why is there a recomended dose on the website and a different one on the bottle???

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  24. Ryan

    Does this product cause you to gain weight/muscle or just muscle? thanks

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  25. hank

    hey i was wondering what ingredients make up Anapolan Max 50 and what studies have been made to boast such a weight/muscle gain in such a short period of time??

    Is it helpful?

    Hi Hank. The ingredients are listed on our website. Just click on the tab to the left of the reviews. All of our products have been tested extensively in our lab and our customer feedback has been incredible.

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  27. drew

    Hi im looking to buy this product only 1 question is there any
    side effects at all?? If so please tell me like any at all.

    Is it helpful?
  28. Customer Support

    Hi Drew,

    There are no known side effects.

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  29. Will

    Hi was wondering how many pill are in the bottle? and will the muscle stay on when you get off the product long as you maintain exercise or no ?

    Is it helpful?
  30. Will

    one more question how do I need to take this before I can start seeing results?

    Is it helpful?
  31. Doug

    The website says take 1 daily with food. The bottle says 3 times daily. Which is it?!

    Is it helpful?
  32. Customer Support

    Hi Will,

    There are 30 pills in a bottle. You take one pill per day with food. You will keep most of your gains as long as you continue to exercise. You should start to see results within that first month.

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  33. Ya know

    I might have to try this out ,,take two a day and work out twice a day. probably only one bottle though, i dont want moobs

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  34. Bigg Will

    Im going to buy this real soon I just got 2 questions tho. The first one do u need a pct? And do u have to take this in cycles like take one month stay off it a month then take again the next month?

    Is it helpful?
  35. Nick

    can you take this if your 16?? im in highschool and looking to pack on massive size,mass and strength.

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  36. max

    On the verge of purchasing and was wondering if I could start off with two pills a day?

    Is it helpful?
  37. Ash

    hi, i just wanted to know what cycle should i take with this ? can i take it alone ? plz guide me in the same thank you

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  38. bigman

    are there any steriods in this?? or any major side effects like liver toxation?

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  39. Amaterasu

    Can this be stacked with Somatropinne to increase and accelerate the results, or is it not recommended to combine a legal steroid with another product that does similar things, but can possibly be counterproductive to your goal of gaining lean muscle, better healing, better concentration, etc?

    Is it helpful?
  40. jimmy singh

    Can I take this with hgh pills 30000 at the same time? Does this affect your liver?

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  41. Rob

    I’ve combined anapolon50 with optimum whey and optimum cretine to my diet and my workouts, strenght and size has improved.

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  42. Daniel

    This product actually works! I’m about a week or more and i’ve noticed most of my gains when I train legs. I did not think it would work so quickly but it did….highly recommend it

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  43. Support

    Our new community is available at to discuss product information, suggest new products, workouts, ask the pro’s, etc. Take advantage of this great area today and be entered to win a free 1 month supply of any supplement that we sell on! Drawings happen once per month.

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